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Zippo Lighter

A Zippo lighter is a reusable metal lighter that is manufactured by Zippo Manufacturing Company in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Zippo is a lighter design concept that was inspired by an Australian cigarette lighter.

Millions of different styles and designs have all been designed and manufactured in the eight decades since they were introduced into the world as military lighters for specific regiments. Zippo lighter gain popularity within the military squads due to its windproof functionality

The zippo lighter is capable of staying lit in harsh weather as it features a windscreen design as well as an adequate rate of fuel delivery. The zippo light was until recently quite popular with military troops and backpackers.

On a sad note for the Zippo lighter, professional backpackers that operate in the wilderness have moved from Zippo lighter use and are now using the torch butane lighter that has windproof technology, forrecerium rods and heavy duty matches.

On the plus side, a majority of high-altitude and cold weather back-packers still rely on Zippo lighters as the lighters since butane lighters are nowhere reliable in cold weather. The Zippo design has wind-proofing capability that is quite hard to extinguish a Zippo if the flame is accidentally blown off.

But if the flame gets blown from top down it will be put out completely. However if you want to extinguish the light from the lighter, all you have to do is close the top half of the lighter that starves the flame of oxygen, however unlike other lighters, the fuel is not cut off.

Zippo Light Features

One outstanding feature of the Zippo lighter is the fact that it burns with a wick. All you have to do is open the top lid that produces a clink sound indicating that it’s open. Zippo lighters produce a clunk sound when the lighter is closed. The clunk sound keeps the lid closed securely and helps the lid open up securely without leading the user to harm.

All Zippo lighters carry an unlimited lifetime guarantee, promoted using the trademarked phrase “It works or we fix it for free.”  Try Zippo lighter and you shall never be disappointed.

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